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How To Become A Provider

For over 30 years dental and vision providers have looked to Golden West to complement their private practices. Through our partnership with these doctors we have incorporated their feedback into our programs. Little wonder then that we are considered the "Doctor Friendly Plan."To find out why, just give us a call at 1-866-947-9398 or email our Network development department.  Our dedicated and experienced staff will answer all of your questions and provide you with everything you need to join Golden West Dental & Vision.

Provider Maintenance Form

Click here to complete the Online Provider Maintenance Form

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National Provider Identifier (NPI)

Click here for instructions and application for a National Provider Identifier (NPI) with National Plan and Provider Enumeration System NPPES) - National Provider Identifier (NPI) Application

Click here to submit or update your NPI to Golden West: National Provider Identifier (NPI) Online Submission Form.

If you have received your NPI, please select the link above to complete our online submission form to register your NPI with us.  This form helps to guarantee that our internal systems accurately reflect your NPI and demographical information.  By registering your NPI with us, you can help secure a seamless conversion to NPI, minimizing any potential payment disruptions in your operations with us.

Clinical Guidelines

01-101 Prophylaxis

02-901 Crown Buildup

02-902 Veneers

03-001 Endodontic Therapy

03-401 Biological Materials - Tissue Grafting

04-201 Bone Grafts for Surgical Services - Periodontic

04-202 Gingivectomy or Gingivoplasty

04-204 Mucogingival Surgery Soft Tissue Grafting

04-205 Osseous Surgery

04-206 Crown Lengthening

04-301 Scaling and Root Planing

04-901 Periodontal Maintenance

06-002 Implant Crowns and Fixed Bridges

06-101 Implants

07-101 Removal of Teeth

07-901 Bone Grafts for Dental Surgical Services

08-001 Orthodontia - Medically Necessary Orthodontia Care

08-002 Orthodontia - Non-Medically Necessary Orthodontia Care

09-201 IV Inhalation and Local Anesthesia

Admin-01 Teeth With A Guarded Prognosis